CEO’s Message

Message by CEO / Chairman

Vrobal was incorporated in Singapore in 2007 with a dream and vision in dedicating to help the world’s economies to achieve sustainable development through a broad portfolio of clean-technology solutions. We strive to contribute to the environment by building upon intelligent innovation, expansion of our environmental portfolio, and utilizing technology to reduce the impact on air and land pollution in the world.

In a span of 10 years, we’ve achieved to date, a significant turnover and returns as a company and an industry. We seek to raise the bar on industry-wide performance by finding new and innovative ways to work together as a team, employing like-minded professionals. As a market leader, we aim to promote excellence with strong Research and Development and Ethical Standards of Quality and Environmental Protection.

Victory to Global Recycling.

Ryan Sumesh
CEO & Chairman
Vrobal Energy & Resources Pte Ltd

Winner of EYA 2018
Award for Innovation & Technology – Establish Entrepreneur Category